All of the Malco screens are now and have for a long time been in one building. In fact, we have more options now than we ever did, back in the day, when the three Malco-operated theaters were spread out all over town.

16 screens now. Five screens then.

But I still get a little nostalgic for those old movie houses, especially the Plaza Twin (now Bridgepointe Church), which was my favorite.

It's fitting that L.A. Confidential, which became my all-time favorite movie (and still is), was the last one I saw there. That was in 1997.

As for the Mall Twin, which was in Lincoln Mall (now Owensboro Christian Church), The Crow--more famous for the fact that star Brandon Lee died during the production than for anything else--was the last reason I went into that theater. 1994 was the year.

Alas, the movie wasn't very good.

And the old Malco Theater downtown? The last movie I watched there became sort of a landmark because of its Brat Pack cast and GREAT title song! But, really, I didn't like 1985's St. Elmo's Fire.

But I LOVED the popcorn! It was always great at the Malco.

Now, those were the last movies I saw at those old theaters. NONE of them, however, were the LAST ones shown.

I did some digging into archived issues of the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer and learned that the Malco Theater (now TWO's Empress Theatre) showed its last movie on January 19, 1989.

That night, it only cost a dollar to see the 1988 Christmas film, Scrooged.

Yeah, I know, a Christmas movie in January. But it was the LAST one that would ever be screened in the historic old building.

Fast forward eight years to January 30, 1997.

After the Mall Twin Cinemas showed Romeo and Juliet and Daylight, the curtains were lowered on the popular movie theater.

And, finally, the Plaza Twin Theater in Wesleyan Park Plaza. It was the only one of the old trio to make it into the new millennium.

In fact, it made it nine months into the year 2000 before showing its last films--Coyote Ugly and The Cell--on September 24th of that year.

So...what were the last movies you remember seeing in those great old theaters?


EDITOR'S NOTE: Information used for this article was culled from the Daviess County Public Library's Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer archives. To learn more, go to, then enter your library card number and click on NewsBank.