More than 500,000 people are on board with 14-year-old singing sensation EmiSunshine. Now, the tri-state will find out what everyone else already knows.

Search EmiSunshine on Facebook and you will see that "512,352 people like this."

She also has more than 25.000 Instagram followers.

I have to confess, I hadn't listened to her music before learning she was coming to the Preston Arts Center in Henderson on November 16th.

I can understand why she has such a huge fan base.

She is an extraordinary AND extraordinarily MATURE talent, in my opinion, based on the way she interprets, then shares, the lyrics of some of the songs she's covered.

Check out this cover of "Jolene" from four years ago:

And now one of her new songs:

And she's only FOURTEEN!! Most definitely, the sky's the limit.



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