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The Husbands of Target
Dad's of the world UNITE. Have you been a victim of the hour after hour parking lot sitting while your wife "makes a quick trip" into Target? A group of dads has the solution to all your helpless cries. The Husbands of Target Parking Lot Group. #HILARIOUSVIDEO
Andy Brasher Records Song for Girlfriend
Love is in the air! Andy Brasher recently released a new song that he wrote for his longtime girlfriend, Tamarra Miller. I had the chance to speak to Tamarra and ask her about the song and what Andy means to her.
For The Love Of Recovery Valentine's Event This Weekend
The Owensboro Recovery Project is a brand new group in Owensboro helping to advocate for, invest in, and mentor all those whose lives have been touched by the various forms of addiction while providing a safe place to feel socially accepted and empowered through community connection.
The Love Has Died
I have not ever been a fan of Valentine's Day. It probably doesn't help that a guy I dated in college gave me possibly the worst Valentine's Day Present EVER!