Call The Cicada Buzz Hotline
Have you seen cicadas, their shells everywhere? I haven't seen a single one yet; but to be honest, I've been forgetting to look. As for their familiar buzzing, I've only heard them twice, and both times I was driving through Ohio County.
Did You Know the OPD is a Safe Trade Place
So many people have started purchasing items off local social media sites.  It's important to meet in a safe trade spot and we have one right here in Owensboro.
In 2017, the Owensboro Pol...
Velotta Named Principal at Audubon Elementary
Sarah Velotta has been serving as an assistant principal at Audubon Elementary School since August of 2016. In fact, she began her teaching career at AES in 2003. She will now take on the role of lead principal beginning this fall.
Dino Quest Arrives At Louisville Zoo This Saturday
I don't know the exact point when everyone went crazy for dinosaurs, but for my generation, it happened with Jurassic Park in 1993. The bells and whistles and technology at the time to bring the prehistoric creatures to life were revolutionary. That technology in part is now on display with Din…

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