Something keeps happening in Owensboro and I'm sure it happens elsewhere as well. Well, come to think of it, I have encountered this elsewhere...specifically in Silver City, New Mexico just this past summer when I was on vacation.

It involves what drivers believe to be a courtesy.

And on the sole basis of the "it's the thought that counts" theory, then...thank you.

But it's actually a very dangerous practice.

It happened most recently on Friday afternoon when several of us were returning from a little adventure here in town.

Use that image above as a guide.

We were in the center turning lane ready to turn left into the WBKR parking lot.

There was a long line of traffic in the northbound lane on Frederica; they were stopped at that light at the Byers intersection.

The driver of a car in the inner northbound lane stopped to let us turn left into our lot. Well, of course, I didn't.

I was driving, by the way.

And I never do. As is always the case, the cars in the outer northbound lane did NOT stop. And I wouldn't expect them to stop. They don't have to stop just because someone in the adjacent lane is trying to be a good neighbor.

And, again, I appreciate the gesture. But it IS a dangerous one.

Some drivers might be lulled into thinking they CAN make that turn and then BAM!

Anyway, I don't mind waiting until the coast is clear enough in BOTH lanes for me to make that turn.

Please understand that this really IS a dangerous practice.

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