Will it be Candice Glover or Kree Harrison?  Last night, our two American Idol finalists competed in the first all-female finale since Idol's third season.  So, who won the night and earned the crown?  WBKR's Idol expert, Steve Thompson, chimes in . . .

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From Steve Thompson:

American Idol: Don't You Wonder if the IRS Should Audit These Votes?
There is no way to tell for sure how this vote went tonight.  No opinions changed.  If you were a Candice supporter, you think your girl came through like a champ.  If you were a Kree supporter you think it was a close decision in your girl's favor.

I'm inclined to say Candice may have won the battle but lost the war.  Kree showed last week that her fan support overwhelmed Angie's voters even though it was obvious that Angie had a better week.  I'm inclined to think-- if the fans voted the same way they have been voting-- Kree Harrison is your next American Idol.

In the last eleven finals, I can honestly say that the finals never swayed my opinion.  At no time did I ever say: "My gosh, I need to vote for this person I haven't voted for all season."  I'm the same way with elections.  I've made my mind up long before the polls open.  If you picked Candice all year, I'll wager your opinion is solidly behind Candice.  If you've been pulling for Kree all year like I have been-- well, I saw nothing to change my opinion.

Interesting that for all the talk of coronation songs written by the performers, neither of these two songs tended to knock me out.  I preferred Kree's All Cried Out-- but I prefer country over most music.  (Kree did not write or co-write her song.  Candice said she co-wrote hers but I wouldn't tell anybody that after reading the triteness of the lyrics.


If Candice wins I believe there was a 55%-45% margin.

If Kree wins I think it may be closer to 52%-48%.

Never underestimate the country voters.

@May 15, 2013  Stephen W Thompson