At least once or twice each American Idol season, I want to pick up something heavy and hurl it toward my television.  That already happened once this season when Pia Toscano was voted off the show WAY too early!  Last night, it happened again!!  James Durbin, who I fully expected to make the final and even win this season of Idol, was voted off the show . . . leaving Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina and Hayley Reinhart to battle for the title.  Our Idol expert, Steve Thompson, reviews last night's SHOCKER and looks ahead to next week's FINAL THREE!

From Steve Thompson . . .

Our first known fact anout the final-- there will be estrogen.   At least one woman will be there-- at this point there may even be two.

One song will be individual choice; one song picked by the judges; and one song picked by Jimmy Iovine.  It could be worse.  Remember when Mr. Burns (Clive Davis) was involved?  Much better I'd say.

What happened to James?  Perhaps the voting was so close that the fact James had two weak song choices factored into the result.

Another possibility?  Lauren spoke out on behalf of Haley and, in the grand tradition of NASCAR, helped draft Haley past James.

Even if Lauren was just trying to appeal to the Haley voters-- well played, Lauren.

Tune in next week for Idol's version of the last showdown from The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

Click below to hear Chad and Steve's full take on last night's show!

 @May 12, 2011  Stephen W Thompson