Friday night, Kevin and I went down to Nashville to see Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen at the Ryman Auditorium.  And, during the show, Anderson was asked to name the nicest celebrity he's ever interviewed.  The answer?  A country music superstar!

Now, keep in mind a couple of things.  First, Anderson has been working in broadcast news for well over two decades and has had the opportunity to interview endless celebrities and world leaders.  His answer, really, could have been virtually anyone.  Second, the question asked was not, "Who's the nicest country music celebrity you've ever interviewed?"  The question was way more general than that.  It was "Who's the nicest celebrity you've ever interviewed?"

That's why it's really cool that Anderson's answer was "Kenny Chesney!"

2017 Stagecoach California's Country Music Festival - Day 3
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Anderson said that Kenny is "the nicest guy you will ever meet" and added that, to this day, Kenny still sends him text messages around Thanksgiving and Christmas to wish him well.  Anderson also mentioned the amazing, selfless work that Kenny is doing to help restore the island of St. John following this summer's devastating hurricanes.

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