I can't tell you how many times my family and I have reminisced about a little restaurant that used to sit on U.S. 231 in Reo, Indiana (back when that WAS 231). It was called The Modern.

I don't how many post-church Sunday afternoon meals we ate there, but it was a regular stop for me and my family.

And for a LOT of families, as I recall. It always got a lot of Owensboro traffic.

The food was just good old-fashioned meat-and-three type fare and there was a buffet.

I remember that it was packed every single time we went.

And then, one day, it was no longer there. And, in fact, when it dawned on all of us that it was gone--and this was a VERY long time ago--we didn't even see the building in which was housed, anymore.

Again, the menu didn't jump out. There was no theme. It was just good home-cooked style food.

It was thriving...and then it was gone.

If there's anyone who remembers ANYTHING about The Modern, please let me know.

I've always been curious about what happened to it.

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