What can I say?  We were delirious.  Jaclyn and I had been in Nashville for two straight days.  We had been on the air for 15 hours covering every single inch of the 2014 CMA Music Festival.  And we just needed to sit down inside the Nashville Convention Center for a few minutes, recharge our phones and our legs.  But that's when it hit me.  I saw an opportunity to do something really silly and I did it.  I just didn't realize that some writers for the website Country Music Tattle Tale were watching me do it.  LOOK!

Here's what I did . . .

And here's the photo they took . . . and tweeted to all their followers!  LOL!

Country Music Tattle Tale
Country Music Tattle Tale

LOL!  As soon as the photo hit Twitter Jaclyn and I were howling!  It was great meeting the staff at Country Music Tattle Tale and they were on site covering the CMA Music Festival getting all the scoop they could.  If you'd like to follow Country Music Tattle Tale on Facebook, CLICK HERE!


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