Several years ago--like, back in the late 80s--I was driving to Henderson on U.S. 60 and thought I saw a buffalo.

Actually, I swear I saw a buffalo. It was off to my right, on the north side of the road and it was just hanging out in a field. I never saw it again. I've asked folks, from time to time over the years, if they've ever seen one out in that area--it was just past the Daviess County/Henderson County line. But, no, no one has.

I've also seen buffalo roaming where they are SUPPOSED to roam--on the great plains of South Dakota and in Wyoming. That was ten years ago.

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I'm pretty sure Lexington, Kentucky isn't natural territory for buffalo, but there is one on the loose in Fayette County, nonetheless.

WTVQ in Lexington reports that the animal broke free from its enclosure Tuesday night around Jacks Creek Pike. That's in the southern part of the city/county and runs right along the Raven Run Nature Sanctuary.

But it doesn't seem the buffalo came from the sanctuary, as WTVQ is reporting that the animal's owner has already been in contact with authorities.

Animal Care and Control was ready with a veterinarian and a tranquilizer gun, but they never saw the buffalo again and, in fact, the police called off the search.

Sadly, due to the severe injuries the beast could cause--not to mention property damage--the owner has asked the police to put it down in the interest of safety.

So lets hope they find the animal and tranquilize it before they get to that last resort.

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