The RiverPark Center in downtown Owensboro and The City of Owensboro have teamed up with WBKR for one of the coolest promotions we've ever had!  As you guys know, Owensboro's riverfront is currently in the middle of a huge renovation and that project includes a complete remodel of Smothers Park, which will soon feature towering CONCRETE TREES!  And, we're giving YOU the chance to CARVE YOUR NAME in one of them!!

To help spread awareness about downtown development and The RiverPark Center's current fundraising campaign, we are giving you all the chance to essentially WIN one of the trees!  Our lucky winner will be able to "carve" his/her name, etc. in the concrete of one of the trees!  Whoever wins is going to be immortalized forever in downtown Owensboro!  This is SO awesome!  But, you must be a member of The BKR Bunch to register to win.  Click the link to join today!!

Also, The RiverPark Center, because they're trying to raise one million dollars by the end of August, is auctioning off the same "carving" opportunity on Ebay!  If you want to place a bid, visit  The auction ends soon, so place your bid today!

And, check out the awesome HOT CARS FOR COOL ARTS car raffle RiverPark is hosting.  They're giving away a 2011 Chevy Camaro LT Coupe and chances to win cost just $20 a piece!  The car was donated by Don Moore Automotive and raffle tickets are available now!  The grand prize drawing will be held at Friday After Five on Friday, September 2nd!  All proceeds benefit The RiverPark Center and its programs!  For more information about HOT CARS FOR COOL CARS and to purchase your tickets for the raffle, check out!

And, remember, join The BKR Bunch and register for your chance to CARVE a tree!  You can sign up through Friday, June 24th!!  Be a part of downtown Owensboro forever!

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