Support "Flamingos for Amber" at Friday After 5 [PHOTOS]
On Sunday, tragedy struck the Hatfield family once again. While they're laying their only son, Josh to rest, you can support the mission that they created after the loss of their only daughter, Amber. "Flamingos for Amber" WILL be at Friday After 5 and you can help this wonderful fami…
Deadly "Kissing Bug" Hits Kentucky
A nasty bug deemed as the "deadly kissing bug" has made its way to 28 known states in the US and one of those is Kentucky! Here is what you need to know to protect you and your family-->
It's a Device Free Dinner at Sesame Street [VIDEO]
There isn't a meal that goes by when we are at home when my niece Zoey doesn't have YouTube pulled up on either a phone or a tablet. It's the norm for kids and adults today. Your pals on Sesame Street decided to show what a device-free dinner looks like. Well, almost all of them.

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