One of my favorite stops on my recent cruise of the Greek isles was Mykonos.  It was absolutely beautiful and granted us easy access to the island of Delos.  Now, if you follow world history you know that Delos literally used to be one of the cultural and economic center of the universe.  Today, it's home to an amazing archeological project that has managed, over the last twenty-two years, to unearth some incredible ruins of temples to Apollo, Dionysus and more.  Check out the pics!

The Old Town at Mykonos

The world famous windmills at Mykonos.


Kevin striking a pose in the streets of Old Town.  These streets are lined with shops and restaurants.


And, yes!  We found a drag bar.  LOL!

The island of Delos.

One of the coolest sites I have ever seen anywhere . . .

The archeological team has unearthed parts of many statues just like this on the island.

Incredible "home" of Dionysus.

The floor is INCREDIBLE!

By the way, I booked my tour of Delos through Delos Tours.