As you all know, I recently returned from vacation.  The initial plan was to fly from Philadelphia to Venice and board a ship for a cruise of the Greek isles.  However, due to an issue with American Airlines and a canceled flight, we instead had to fly to Corfu, Greece and intercept the cruise ship on Day Three of the cruise.  We arrived in Corfu on Monday, July 23rd and were instantly blown away by its beauty.  This place is amazing.  Here are some of the photos we took of the city and its famed Old Fortress.

The Old Fortress . . .

The streets of Corfu at night.  It was absolutely enchanting.  And, yes!  That's a McDonald's on the right.  LOL!  Notice there are no golden arches.

Here's a look at our hotel- Hotel Cavalieri.

Sunrise from the balcony of our room at the hotel.

The entrance into the "old" section of town.  Spectacular!

A view of the Old Fortress through the fountain!

An American stud in Greece.  LOL!

I love this pic.  We were standing inside the grounds of the Old Fortress.  I took this photo from the base of the church looking up the cliffs to the lighthouse.

The church at the Old Fortress.

I love this shot too.  To me, that apparatus screams "The Lord of the Rings!"

The clock tower at the Old Fortress.

The view of parts of the city and harbor from the Old Fortress.

The view of the other side of the city from the Old Fortress.