I can't remember when the Lashbrooks began transforming their home in Stonegate off Highway 54 into a Christmas extravaganza. But now I can't remember when it WASN'T.

And in the years since that began, the rest of the neighborhood has followed suit and turned all of the Stonegate subdivision into appointment viewing during the Christmas season.

Stonegate reminds me of all the times our family drove around and looked at Christmas lights when I was a kid.

At different points in time, different neighborhoods would seriously "deck the halls" and would be THE places to visit during the Christmas season.

Many different subdivisions have worn the crown over the years. And Owensboro, as a whole, really does just go all out with Christmas lights.

But "Christmas in Stonegate" has become an event and will officially happen next weekend, December 14th through the 16th.

Of course, the lights of Stonegate will shine throughout the holidays, but next weekend is the main event.

Enjoy the lights, the music, the hot chocolate...and, of course, have a very Merry Christmas!

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