I don't know about you, but Christmas Day falling on a Saturday seems to have jacked up my December plans. And I didn't realize it until I started ironing them out.


Seriously, I'm looking at my December weekends and there are only THREE until the big day, and there's nothing we can do about it. Suddenly, all these things I wanted to do have to be put on a list of priorities and SUNDAYS will almost certainly have to come into play.

One event that sounds like a lot of fun and is ABSOLUTELY a short drive from Owensboro and, well, Evansville too is "Christmas on the Farm" at the Foe Family Farm in Calhoun.


Joseph Foe told me the idea for this weekend's event actually came to life while his family was shopping at Hobby Lobby. Somebody suggested they turn their McLean County farm into a winter wonderland and the ball started rolling. It wasn't long before a Facebook post gauging interest in such an enterprise "blew up," as Joseph says, and the next thing you know..."Christmas on the Farm."


Once you get to the Foe Family Farm--657 SR 136 East (and Joseph says it is VERY important to include "east" when you enter the address into your GPS)--you'll go to the admission booth then proceed through the tree tunnel. A trail lined with interactive photo boards, lighted tunnels, and, of course, farm animals will take you to the barn, after which you will get a photo op with none other than Santa Claus himself. Also, there will be a mailbox into which kids can drop their letters to Santa, who will respond to those he receives.

Lots of vendors will be on hand with handmade jewelry, clothing, and woodcrafts on display. Baked goods and sandwiches will also be available.

So don't forget to add "Christmas on the Farm" to your holiday calendar, as it is a one-day-only event, Saturday, December 4th from 3 PM until 8 PM.

Happy holidays and we'll see you at the farm.

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