I've always wanted to do a theme vacation where I travel a famous route, trail, or path. Route 66 leaps immediately to mind, only because that's probably the closest. Or so I thought. A group of cyclists called Spoke 'N Revolutions Youth Cycling is travelling the Underground Railroad--and they're coming through Owensboro.

This is really cool. I don't know if this means Owensboro is actually part of the Underground Railroad or if it's just the largest city close enough to it to make a pitstop. Regardless, we welcome these kids, who are from North Carolina and champion their journey. In the 19th century, the Underground Railroad helped tens of thousands of slaves escape oppression and brutality in the South and head to the North and to freedom. Harriet Tubman--the historical figure most famously associated with the Railroad--was just one of many who assisted in this extraordinary effort. And now we can applaud a group of young people who want to learn about a vitally important part of American history as they travel across the country. And I'd personally like to thank them for including Owensboro in their pilgrimage.