As we get closer and closer to severe weather season--and let's face it; outside of August that could be ANY time of the year around here--it's important to be as prepared as possible.

So, Daviess County Emergency Management plans to host amateur radio--or HAM radio--classes at the Emergency Operations Center in the courthouse downtown.

HAM radio, in case you aren't familiar, could possibly the last resort during a disaster, in terms of communication.

The first of the three classes, conducted by Bob Spears from Daviess County Amateur Radio Emergency Services, will begin Saturday at 8AM.

Participants in the class will learn more about general electronics as well as Federal Communications Commission rules and regulations.

They'll also learn the specifics they'll need to pass the one-time license exam, which will take place Saturday January 28th at 1PM at the courthouse.

The classes are free and open to the public.

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