A cat in Illinois had to be rescued after it got stuck up on some power lines.

Illinois Cat Climbs Telephone And Gets Stuck

This incident recently happened in Rolling Meadows. A neighborhood outdoor cat thought it needed a better view of the street so the animal climbed up a telephone pole. There was only one problem with the situation. When the kitty got up to the top, it decided that wasn't a very good idea. Unfortunately, the feline had no idea how to get down.

According to abc7chicago.com,

Illinois Rescue Crew Saves Cat Trapped On Power Transformer

The cat was trapped on top of a power transformer. The owner called for help. A ComEd crew was called in to assist The first thing they did was cut the electricity to the power lines. One of the workers took a bucket truck up near the kitty. He tried to convince the animal to get inside a bucket next to the lines. It wasn't a willing participant.

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To try and work out a better deal with the cat, the rescue crew added tuna to the bucket. The kitty wasn't going for that either. Another worker climbed the pole ladder. He was able to get close enough to the feline to be able to safely grab it. The animal and owner were very happy to be together again.

Is Saving A Cat On The Bucket List For Rescue Workers?

It's basically the scenario out of a kids' show. A cat gets stuck high up somewhere though it's usually a tree and rescue workers are called in for the save. That doesn't seem like something that would actually happen but I guess it does. I wondered if saving a cat from a tree is on their career bucket list.

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