So, I'm a late comer to Celebrity Apprentice. But better late than never. This is far more fascinating as a celebrity-infused venture. But I don't have to tell YOU that. What I can tell you is--and I don't think I'm alone here--I am very happy and relieved that Gary Busey is outta here!

Now, Donald Trump seemed to indicate last week that he believed there was a vein of genius running through the otherwise incomprehensible Gary Busey's brain. And so, apparently, did John Rich. In fact, on last night's show, John just took it to Gary. Just flat out told him that he thought Gary was either a moron or a sabateur. And since he didn't believe Gary was a moron he had to be a sabateur. Uh, John, you were right the first time, buddy. And I would never presume to second-guess The Donald,  but I didn't understand where this benefit of the doubt he was giving Gary was coming from. Then again, Trump has had ample opportunity to work with all kinds of people in his lifetime, so what do I know? Well, let me tell ya, I know that Celebrity Apprentice can now get down to the business of making these tasks even more fascinating. Yes, I think the reason I'm enjoying the show is the assignments given to the teams. So, last night I was especially disappointed when John Rich and Lil Jon decided to sacrifice the task in order to make it easier for Busey to get fired. I get that maneuver. But the assignment was so interesting--create a new package and presentation for Omaha Steaks and come up with three occasion-specific meals using the Omaha Steaks catalogue--I wanted both teams to really hit home runs. And, by the way, that Omaha Steaks catalogue is replete with far more than just beef.  With the exception of Nene (still don't know who that is) incorrectly saying the client's name--she kept saying "Omaha" rather than "Omaha Steaks"--the ladies did a terrific job. Even Star Jones--who I don't like--was impressive with her display. I look forward to the next task and to the next season. But, in light of recent developments on the Donald Trump front, it remains to be seen if there will be a next season, or the one after that, or the one after that. I better get to savoring the flavor of this season while it's here.

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