The 101st annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival will kick off on October 3rd (2022), and as they have done for the past several years, the Club is giving you the chance to save some money on all-you-can-ride wristbands before this year's Festival gets underway.

Save $5 on All-You-Can-Ride Fall Festival Wristbands

While most of us adults head down to the Festival to pig out and devour as much of that delicious food as our stomachs can handle (and usually more), the kids are more interested in hitting up the midway on the lawn of the West Branch Library to ride all the rides like the Zipper, the Ferris Wheel, the Scrambler, and all the others that spin you around and flip you upside-down. When I was a kid, my friends and I would ride the Gravitron over and over and over again. These days I think it's called Spaceship 3000, or something like that, but it's the same concept. You lean against a padded "bench" that's attached to a leaning wall while the ride spins in a circle so fast that centrifugal force holds you in place. Each "bench" has wheels mounted to it and rolls up the wall once the ride gets to full speed. I don't know that my stomach could handle it these days, but it was a good time back then.

Of course, we had the all-you-can-ride wristbands, so as soon as we got off the ride, we'd get right back in line and do it all over again. The wristbands will be available again this year for $25 each at the various ticket booths set up all along Franklin Street however, you can save yourself $5 and get them for only $20 by stopping by any one of the following locations between now and the start of the festival.

  • All Donut Bank locations
  • All Schnucks locations
  • All Old National Bank locations

Simply purchase how many vouchers you need, then take those vouchers to any ticket booth the week of the Festival to exchange them for wristbands.

The West Side Nut Club is excited to announce pre-sale wristband vouchers will be available for purchase from September 1st – September 30th at all area Donut Bank; Old National Bank and Schnucks locations. Each voucher purchased in advance will cost $20, which represents a $5 savings.
West Side Nut Club Fall Festival
West Side Nut Club Fall Festival

The ticket booths will be set up at the following locations on Franklin Street.

  • Acorn Plaza (Kiddie Rides)
  • 10th Avenue and Franklin Street
  • Wabash Avenue and Franklin Street

It's important to know that wristbands are only good for the day they are purchased. Meaning, that if you plan on riding rides every time you make a trip to Franklin Street that week, you'll need to purchase wristbands for each day.

Half-Pot Raffle Returns

Ryan O'Bryan
Ryan O'Bryan

The wildly popular half-pot drawing will also be back for this year's festival. Last year's total was a record-breaking $1,515,260. $123,885 more than was raised in 2020, meaning the winning ticket holder pocketed $757,630.

Tickets will once again be one for $5, three for $10, 20 for $20, 50 for $40, and 150 for $100.

The half-pot booths will be open for ticket sales from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM Monday through Friday, and from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM on Saturday during Festival week. The winner will be announced on the Benjamin & Anna Bosse Foundation Stage at the intersection of 12th and Franklin after the Main Parade on Saturday evening, October 8th.

[Source: West Side Nut Club]

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