Uh oh!  Breaking news today!  Facebook officials say the company suffered a major security breach earlier this week.  And the personal information of millions and millions of users has likely been compromised.

Alexander Koerner/Getty Images
Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

That's the bad news.  However, according to news reports, there is at least some good news to report as well.  Officials say the breach has been remedied and law enforcement has been notified to investigate the situation.

In the meantime, Facebook says it has forced 90 million users to log out of their accounts.  If you are among those users, you will be notified of the breach when you log back in.  As of Noon today, the company has not announced who the attackers are or whose information is at risk.  Approximately 1.5 billion people worldwide use Facebook daily.

Did YOU get a notification when you logged in today?

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