And here I wasn't even looking for another way social media is misused by the irresponsible parties of the world. This one just fell into my lap.

On Wednesday, a story was shared on Facebook about a woman who'd been found dead in front of the Daviess County Public Library.

It included names and times and the "news" that a Crime Stoppers press release had been issued asking the public for help.

NONE of it was true.

There were those who thought it was.

AND...there were those who knew it wasn't and stated as much--in very strong terms.

The fake story was created on a website called

It's a website with the sole purpose of letting anyone who so desires to create a fake news story to prank their friends.

Hilarious, right?

So, some GENIUS gets on there and concocts something about a dead woman.

This is what it looked like: via Facebook

That's all that's available now, since the story was taken down at the website.

Unbelievable, that someone would think THIS was a good idea for a joke.

By the way, if you see an outrageous story like this (hopefully you won't see something like THIS again) on social media, just know that the website name "" will appear at the bottom.