The annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival has something for everyone. For adults, it's the wide variety of food from the over 100 booth that line both sides of Franklin Street. For the kids (and some of the adults), it's the rides that take over the lawn of the West Branch Library. And what better way to enjoy those rides than with a wristband that lets you ride as many rides as you want as many times as you want to?

Wristband sales have been a part of the Fall Festival since I was one of those kids looking to set a world record for most consecutive rides on the Gravitron (now called "Starship 3000," although it will always be "Gravitron" in my heart). For one flat fee, the wristband lets riders ride whatever ride they want, as often as they want to (or until those three corn dogs and quart of apple cider decide to make a comeback).

The unlimited ride wristbands will be available at each ticket booth throughout Fall Festival week (October 2nd through the 7th), however you can skip the lines and get yours beginning TODAY for just $17 each at the following locations:

  • All Donut Bank locations
  • All Schnucks locations
  • All Old National Bank branches.

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