I recently watched an older episode of Family Feud on the Game Show Network from 2016. One of the families was from Leitchfield, Kentucky!

Unfortunately, they didn't win, but that doesn't mean YOUR family won't.

What do I mean by that, you may be asking.

Well...auditions to be on Family Feud are happening next month in LOUISVILLE!

Listen, I'm a big Family Feud fan. I've always like that game show's format. And, with 40 years worth of episodes in the books, we know it works.

Does YOUR family enjoy Family Feud? Would you KILL in the Fast Money round? Do YOU and your family want to win up to $100,000 and maybe a new car?

Those are the Family Feud stakes.

The auditions are scheduled for September 22nd and 23rd, but first you need to apply.

Go to FamilyFeud.com/Audition and make an appointment by clicking that Apply button. You'll also see a list of eligibility requirements and frequently asked questions.

We need another family (or two) from the tri-state on Family Feud.

This could be YOU:

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