Based in Lewisport, the specialized hauler, First Class Services was awarded First Place in multiple categories this past weekend at the Mid-America Trucking Show. WBKR raved about First Class in October. This show was held March 22-24 in Louisville at the Kentucky Expo Center.

The 2005 very handsome "First Gear" is a Peterbilt owned by 17 year old Tanner Stroup.

Tanner is the son of Randy Stroup, owner of First Class Services.

"First Gear" will be touring the U.S. this year competing for a National Title. First Class won a World Title in 2008 and a National Title in 2011.

First Class Services, Inc., "First Gear" vehicle took top place in the following categories:

1. Best Limited Mileage Combo.

2. Best Limited Mileage Combo Paint.

3. Best Limited Mileage Best Interior

4. Best Limited Mileage Best Engine.

5. Best Peterbilt.

6. 2012 Peoples Choice.

First Class also has terminals in Owensboro and Evansville.

A statement, released to the media, says in addition to these terminals, First Class Services, Inc. has employees and equipment based throughout the United States, First Class Services, Inc. core business is dry bulk tank and liquid bulk tank hauling. The Company is also a hazmat carrier for the transport of chemicals and elevated temperature products and also specializes in the transportation of plastic pellets used in the injection molding industry.

First Class Services, Inc. was founded by Mr. Stroup in 1989, and is considered the premier trucking company in the specialized transportation industry. First Class Services has a state of the art fleet of 110 power units and over 200 trailers currently used to serve its varied customer requirements.

Randy Stroup and his team are considered experts in the building of trucks from the ground up. Trucks are routinely refurbished or manufactured to serve in the company’s fleet to conduct daily operations. Randy Stroup began building show trucks in 1991. Since then, First Class Services, Inc. has won numerous awards including World Championships. Randy Stroup says that with his years of real world trucking experience combined with his team’s truck building expertise makes for a good combination to produce champions. Randy Stroup and his team also apply the same dedication and hard work to provide "first class service" to its customers at competitive rates. The Company prides itself in providing top of the line equipment; well trained employees and always making safety a priority.

First Class Services customers know Randy Stroup’s commitment to his profession. "Customer satisfaction is the keystone to any successful business" Stroup says. Randy Stroup believes you should build your business to be a champion in the same way you build a champion show truck. Hard work and dedication!

For additional information contact Randy Stroup at 270-316-5102.