It was last night, a Sunday evening, when I saw, for the first time, legendary actor George Hamilton (IS he legendary? Now I'm not sure.) portraying Colonel Harland Sanders in a KFC commercial.

Shirt unbuttoned.

Black string tie hanging loose.


It's not how I'd like to see our Colonel, gotta be honest.

But George Hamilton's lounge-lizardy Colonel isn't the only unusual thing I'm learning about KFC these days.

I'm also learning some folklore about why this iconic brand is actually called "KFC."

One rumor that spread like wildfire was that they couldn't legally describe the product they sell as "chicken."

Of course that's dumb.

And the other big one is, naturally, that the word "fried" was no longer a friendly-enough term in an increasingly health-conscious society.

But let's get back to George Hamilton.

I've learned that the KFC organization plans to go through a rapid-fire succession of actors to play Colonel Sanders as the years progress and that Hamilton--who follows Norm MacDonald, Darrell Hammond, and Jim Gaffigan--is just the latest.

They're not even completely ruling out a female Colonel.

But this?

THIS I wish they HAD ruled out:


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