Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker, and now Staind's Aaron Lewis have all recorded country music. Now it's an Oscar winning actress's turn. Gwyneth Paltrow, who currently sits in the Top 40 with "Country Strong," the title song from her new film due in theatres January 7, has decided she wants to record a full album. reports:

She has proved her mettle as an actress and now Gwyneth Paltrow is planning her own debut album after a foray into country singing.

Country singer Toby Keith wants to help Gwyneth with her album.

"Politically, Gwyneth couldn't be more different from Toby who writes songs about guns and strippers and even 9/11. But he has offered his services as a back-up singer and writer for her album. She is open to the idea," dailymail quoted a friend as saying.

Gwyneth plans to involve Beyonce, Jay-Z and Faith Hill on the album.Her spokesperson said: "She doesn't rule out recording, but there are no firm plans in place."

Personally, I hope the plans become firm based on her performance on the CMA Awards in November. That night she was not a movie star, she was a country singer. And I look forward to more.

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