You've seen those little libraries, right? You know, like the one down at Smothers Park where you can place books for anyone to take and read?

Well, what about something like that on a grander scale that will serve an entire community with much needed stuff like non-perishables and winter needs?

I give you the Community Blessing Box of Logan County, Kentucky:

This is a SENSATIONAL idea. Let's see, there's a box of Stove Top stuffing, a bag of flour, Cup of Noodles, crackers, Hamburger Helper, oatmeal.

And at the bottom, it looks like gloves, socks, notebooks, among others.

Ingenious...and so simple. And it's something I'm thinking ALL counties could use.

(I was gonna say, "Way to think 'out of the box,' but Teresa Hildabrand, in the comments section, beat me to it.)

But she's totally right.

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