Everybody along a path that stretches from the Pacific Northwest to the South Carolina coast is getting ready for Monday's total solar eclipse.

The excitement is at a fever pitch here in western Kentucky where eclipse totality is expected to last the longest.

In Muhlenberg County, my friends at D&P Auto Sales, part of the Pogue Automotive Group, have created the "Muhlenberg County Eclipse Truck."

It's a Nissan Frontier covered in five rolls of aluminum foil. It also required two rolls of tape and took about 25 to 30 minutes...you know, in case you want to make your own.

Max Hendricks says it is "eclipse-ready" and comes complete with a banded windshield.

It's a custom-made Eclipse Chaser, if you will.

HOWEVER...I've just been informed that it's been sold. BUT, it will be out in front of D&P Auto Sales through Tuesday.

So maybe you WILL have to make your own if you want one, or maybe D&P will wrap one for you.

Take a look:

Dave Spencer
Dave Spencer
Dave Spencer