It's billed as the "scariest haunt in South Central Kentucky" and we're throwing on our "big boy pants" and going this year for Hell on Wheels II.  It's the Hollow of Unrest in Bonnieville and, if those demonic clowns are any indication, it's going to be terrifying!

The Hollow of Unrest is situated in a remote wooded area in Bonnieville, Kentucky, where strange sightings have taken place.  For instance . . .

Do you dare to go into the woods?  Hollow of Unrest is the third and final stop on this year's Hell on Wheels II bus and we are going to be heading into it just slightly before midnight on Saturday, October 25th.

If you want to experience the terror . . . er, check that!  If you're brave enough to experience the terror of Hollow of Unrest, we encourage you to take the trip to Bonnieville too.  For additional information and to purchase tickets for Hollow of Unrest, CLICK HERE!

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