It was announced late last week that the Holiday Drive-In in Reo, Indiana would be opening for its 2020 season on May 8th.

The theater has listed the movies scheduled to be screened and, on its Facebook page, has also outlined its social distancing regulations as it opens in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The drive-in, which will be open this weekend beginning Friday through Sunday, May 10th, will have limited concessions with everyone required to stand six feet apart and no more than 10 individuals in the stand at any given time. In other words, only adult per vehicle will be permitted in concession stand at a time.

The restrooms will also be sectioned off for six-feet social distancing.

Also, only one of the Holiday's two concession stands will be open--the one between screens one and two.

Management asks that you have your cash out and ready as you approach checkout.

When you are watching the movie, the theater asks that if you sit outside your vehicle, please sit in front of it and don't extend yourselves too far out so as to maintain safe distance from other patrons.

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