Hey gang, if you haven't heard about the hotdog recall, here's a word to the wise. They SAY it's sufficient.

Nathan's and Curtis brand hotdogs have been pulled from store shelves nationwide and recalled...to the tune of more than 100 TONS!

You see, complaints have been made by consumers who found metal shards in these particular hotdog brands.

Yes, metal shards.

Now, so far, there have been no reports of injuries, which is tremendous news.

According to Big Country Home Page, the specific packages are the 14-oz. sealed film packages containing "Nathan's Skinless 8 Beef Franks" with a use-by date of August 19, 2017 and the 16-oz. sealed film packages containing "Curtis Beef Master Beef Franks" with a use-by date of June 15, 2017.

If you have purchased these hotdogs, please check them before eating them.

Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend, right?

Me? I go for bratwurst on the three-day weekends.




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