I was talking earlier with News25 Chief Meteorologist Wayne Hart and he mentioned that while we will continue to experience excessive heat at least through this weekend, we likely won't be seeing anything like the 126 degree heat index we had last week. It's just that this heat wave is lasting longer. So we will all be seeking ways in which keep cool. Steve Horn gave us some good ideas for the indoors. But some of us have to be outdoors. And there are those of us who may not be able to keep our homes as comfortable as we'd like. Thank goodness, then, for relief shelters. There are multiple locations set up in Daviess County for those needing to seek relief from this oppressive heat: the Elizabeth Munday Center on 2nd Street, the Boulware Center on Wing Avenue, the Whitesville Senior Center, and the Big Rivers Chapter of the American Red Cross and 3rd and St. Elizabeth. Obviously, you shouldn't be outside during daytime hours during this heat wave if you don't have to be. But if you do, and you need to cool off, these facilities will be available to you.



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