I can tell you that I've never heard of this place before today.

Good thing too because I would probably need a class on how to say the name of this town correctly and even then I'd still mispronounce it all the time.

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Maybe it's the Chicagoan in me, we tend to butcher last names, town names, and anything to fit our way of speaking better.

Anyway, 24/7 Wall Street took a deep dive to find cities and towns across this great land where we, Chicagoan or not, have a tough time pronouncing correctly.

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Scrolling through the list I noticed just about every state represented including Wisconsin, (Weyauweaga, anyone?) until I finally got to Illinois.

The city (or is it a town?) is Moweaqua—a tiny little village with a population of 1,854 people.

Wall St. 24/7:

A farming community in the middle of the state, Moweaqua (“moh-WEEK-wuh’) is known for its corn and soybean production.

If you stumble into Moweaqua I suppose you could check out the Moweaqua Coal Mine Museum or have a bite to eat at the Crazy Ladies Cafe or Mama Chan's.

Google Maps
Google Maps

There's also a pharmacy, a grocery store, and if you're feeling adventurous a tattoo parlor.

Located ten to fifteen minutes south of Decatur, there isn't much to do in the oft-mispronounced town.

Google Maps
Google Maps

You probably could just spend the rest of your time in Moweaqua figuring out how to say the name of the town correctly.

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