The day is coming for you, for all of us, when we MUST take this mandatory road test to keep our driver's license. Illinois is the only state with this requirement.

I Hate Don't Like Illinois


Is it any surprise that Illinois is the only state in America with an extra mandatory requirement for all drivers?

I couldn't say this required test is the kind of thing that, by itself, would inspire people to move out of state, but added to the burdensome pile of fees, fines, and taxes, we're already crushed under, it is plenty.

After sending in my $151 to get new stickers, I fell into a bit of a, 'I hate Illinois rabbit hole.' I was easily persuaded into that hole having just spent a hefty sum on a sticker that brings no joy whatsoever.


(speaking of those license plate stickers) Remember during the pandemic when the state (and the police) let those expired stickers slide? I was happy to not pay that fee until this year (2023), but they're cracking down on that now, and those expired stickers are likely becoming a probable cause for pulling you over and possibly giving your vehicle a search.

Then it was these facts about driver's license renewal in Illinois compared to the rest of the country, that pushed me into the hole.

  • Illinois Driver's License Renewal - Every 4 years
  • Arizona and Montana - Every 12 years (until ages 65 and 75)
  • Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin - Every 8 years
  • California - Every 5 years


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Illinois Mandatory Road Test for Seniors


However according to a recent study,

"statistics show that our senior drivers are among the safest drivers in the state," Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias said.

It won't matter what kind of driving record you have, even the 79-year-old with no citations or tickets will be taking that road test.

Outside of the obvious need for cognitive testing with some drivers around that age, this law is age-bias plain and simple. If there's an actual need for a road test, then give one.

The people who've been sending mail that keeps referring to the large number of birthdays I've had, AARP Illinois, said,

We believe age itself does not cause car crashes.

Auto accident involving two cars

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My mom, who lives in Wisconsin is in her 80s, she doesn't like driving at night so she's only on the road during the daytime. If the weather is awful she's not driving then. Short trips to the theater for a matinee, to the grocery store, the drug store, and the doctor, that sums up my mom's driving and I'll bet thousands of other drivers her age.

"To say, 'just because you're older, you're inclined to do something wrong on the road,' is statistically incorrect," Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias said.

In case you were thinking that grandmas and grandpas were out there causing accidents on the road, look at these statistics that Alexi shared.

  • Illinois motorists age 75 or older had a crash rate of 24.39 per 1,000 drivers, the second lowest in the state. That means 15,468 out of 634,148 licensed drivers 75 and older were in crashes.
  • The safest motorists were people aged 70 to 74 with a crash rate of 24.38. That's 12,529 drivers in crashes out of 513,963 license-holders.
  • The highest crash rate. That would be 18-year-olds with 80.91 -- or 10,604 teen drivers in collisions out of 131,060 license-holders.
  • Most drivers in crashes are 20- to 24-year-olds, or 55,075 motorists out of 712,549 licensees -- a rate of 77.29.

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