A Wisconsin DoorDash driver was just doing his job when dozens of cows started charging straight down the road directly at him.

DoorDasher Chased by Cows Outside Whitewater

I mean good grief, could there be a more 'only in Wisconsin' headline? Driving down a county road and barreling straight for you is a herd of running cows.

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When wild animals attack. Or, at least appear as if they're about to. Remember what happened to that crowd of kids eating at Noodles & Company in Beloit, Wisconsin?

How are so many cows in this video below randomly out on the road in the middle of the night?

What do you suppose they're running from, or toward?


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Payton Zech told 27 News he was heading back into the city on Highway P when he saw a line of cars in the distance and a bunch of shadows on the road.

When he pulled up close, a herd of cows started running toward his vehicle.

After watching the video below, I'm certain that Payton is not a new resident of America's Dairyland because he did exactly what any local would do.

Put it in reverse and pray.

Eventually, Payton had to stop as other vehicles were pulling up behind him. That's when his prayers were answered.

Once Payton realized he couldn't back away from the running cows any further, he turned his car sideways and braced for impact.


Prayers answered. The cows ran around his vehicle.

You know Payton's heart was racing as they got closer. You can assume they won't just ram into your vehicle but that can only be said until the first herd of zombie cows run down the highway and attack you in your car and steal your DoorDash orders.

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