Okay.  I am typing this with tears in my eyes.  Ya'll know I am a huge Kelly Clarkson fan and a big weenie when it comes to sad songs.  I think Kelly's voice is flawless and I truly look forward to ANYTHING she sings . . . pop, country, R&B, polka.  LOL!  But, when you lay THAT voice on a BIG song, you can expect to be moved.  Flat out.  Moved . . . to tears . . . to another place . . . to another time.  And THIS performance . . . Holy Smoke!  THIS rendition of Adele's "Someone Like You" is just ridiculous.  I know certain country music fans and insiders giggled to themselves when Kelly earned a CMA nomination for Female Vocalist of the Year, but, in my book, she deserves that distinction in ANY category EVERY year.  This performance, if you ask me, earns her just one title . . . Female Vocalist of the Year . . . period.  WATCH!


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