When I was in school, corporal punishment was a thing...and not just from the principal. I only got one spanking in school in my entire 12 years and I got it out of the way early.

One day, in first grade, I couldn't find my red crayon. So I asked another student at my table if I could borrow her red crayon. I asked her in a barely audible voice and, sure enough, Mrs. Martin and her bionic ears heard me and came and gave me a wallop on my backside with her teachers edition reading book.

Granted, it wasn't a hard swat. It really didn't hurt that I can remember.

And I guess I learned my lesson since that NEVER happened to me again.

If a bill prefiled in the Kentucky House passes, it will never happen to ANYONE again.

WDRB/Louisville says the bill, introduced by State Representatives Jason Nemes and Steve Riley, would ban the practice by any district employee.

And we're talking all forms of corporal punishment--spanking, paddling, striking, or shaking.

I've never seen the latter occur.

The bill would also put a system in place to "track violence against students or staff,  possession of guns or other deadly weapons and all incidents where a student has alcohol or drugs."

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