We don't do big cats in Kentucky. (Well, bobcats, I guess, but they're not really that big.) Anyway, we just don't see them because I don't think they're here anymore.

The department says that the nearest population of wild mountain lions is more than 900 miles away, in Nebraska.

It goes on to say that it's been 119 years since there was any kind of a valid record of mountain lions in Kentucky.

That's not to say there HAVEN'T been confirmed sightings in that long time span--there have been two--but lion sightings are virtually unheard of.

So just what IS that animal that looks EXACTLY like a mountain lion in a picture taken by a Jefferson County resident recently?

Lex18.com says that Kentucky Fish and Wildlife responded immediately to the report but found no tracks of evidence at the site.

The department has set up cameras nearby to better identify the animal.

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