Ah, technology. What a blessing. What a curse. It makes our lives simpler. It also allows the worst of us to DO their worst.

Case in point...a Jefferson County resident has been fleeced to the tune of $89,000 thanks to a computer virus scam.

Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear issued a warning following complaints received from not only Jefferson County, but Fayette, Franklin, Johnson, and, yes, Daviess Counties.

All tolled, $92,000 has been stolen because of this scam.

The virus invades your computer when a window pops up on your screen telling you you're at risk and that you need to call a toll-free number.

Office of Kentucky Attorney General
Office of Kentucky Attorney General

If you call that number, the scammer will "assist" you by collecting your computer log-in information and essentially ransacking your bank account.

According to the AG's warning, one scammer posed as a Microsoft technician. His victim, from Franklin County, was relieved of $2900 after being convinced to buy Google Play cards to pay for the assistance.

Apparently, these people are good at preying on people's fears of losing information off their computer, forcing them to act quickly.

The attorney general posted these valuable tips so that we can all protect ourselves:

  • If you suspect your computer is infected with a virus or malware, update your security software and operating system or visit a company you know and trust for assistance;

  • Don’t call a phone number or click on a link from a pop-up message or unfamiliar email;

  • According to the official Microsoft website, Microsoft error and warning messages never include phone numbers;

  • Don’t trust numbers even if they display a legitimate tech support business name or phone number;

  • Never give a caller remote access to your computer or personal device;

  • Never buy gift cards to provide payment to “tech support” callers.

If you are aware of a scam or have been victimized by one, you can fill out this form.

You can also sign up for scam alerts by texting KYOAG Scam to GOV-311 (468-311).

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