I've already seen a LOT of traffic today. It is the first day of a long holiday weekend and one of the busiest traveling weekends of the year.

I have also already seen a LOT of Kentucky State Police officers in medians and on the road.

Sure, they're catching speeders but they're also on the lookout for distracted drivers and those who aren't wearing their seat belts.

Naturally, it's a little more difficult to spot the latter two violations from ground level.

That's why the KSP is employing tractor-trailers to help them catch folks texting while driving or not wearing their seat belts.

Lexington's WKYT spoke to one Kentucky state trooper who sang the praises of utilizing the higher profile vehicles, saying it gives the officers better perspective than ever in terms of spotting distracted drivers or kids who aren't in their safety restraints.

I've been using seat belts since I became a licensed driver back in the horse and wagon days.

And I have my phone on "drive mode" so I don't even know I've gotten a text until I've stopped.

So I'm good. What about you?

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