After last night's devastating tornadoes, Western Kentucky has sustained considerable damage. The Kentucky State Police has their hands full with search and rescue efforts and is asking the public to keep their lines free so they can be used for emergencies.

If you are wanting to help in some way, the KSP is asking to give. There are a lot of people already in the area. Today, they posted this to Facebook:

Mayfield, KY. (December 11, 2021) – As emergency crews continue to respond to the effects of a deadly tornado that made its way through West Kentucky, many citizens are offering their assistance with these efforts. Kentucky State Police, Post 1 Dispatch is receiving an overwhelming number of calls from citizens wishing to help. Donations are being accepted at CFSB in Mayfield (100 Dick Castleman Bypass Mayfield, KY), or call 270-727-5114. Troopers and Officers continue to request the public avoid areas directly impacted by the tornado.

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The Mayfield Police posted: At this time, we are requesting non-essential personnel to stay off the roadways in the downtown Mayfield area, due to hazards, structure, and other safety concerns. Volunteers who wish to assist, need check in with Catalyst Church on Kings Drive.

If you do NEED to go to the area, the KSP is asking that you check online and DO NOT call them directly.

KSP is receiving an overwhelming number of calls from citizens wanting to know about passable roads and detour information. Please visit for real-time traffic updates. We need to keep these phone lines open for emergencies.

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