It's amazing the stories you stumble upon and this is one I couldn't pass up.  Thursday, at Ford's Ontario, Canada plant, the last Crown Victoria ever rolled off the assembly line. As you can see, the early models were very 50's with nice colors.  I always think of the Crown Vic as a car my grandparents would drive, a boat.  In fact this 1955 model was only produced for one year.  It wouldn't be until the late 70s when the Crown Victoria we are more familiar with would hit the market.  I remember my uncle's very fondly.

1982 Ford Crown Victoria ad
When my cousin got her license, she took me around practically all of Muhlenberg County.  My uncle and cousins lived at Lake Malone, so we would cruise around listening to tapes (remember those?).  One night, we met up with a bunch of her friends and we somehow ended up in Morgantown.  I think I was around 13 at the time; it was a different experience.  At one point this guy she liked took the wheel; it was a crazy night!  That was way before mandatory seatbelt laws.  It seems like we crammed a bunch of people into my uncle's Crown Vic.  I don't think any of my grandparents drove one; my Granddaddy Morris may have drove one around because he sold cars.  I'm just glad we didn't run into one of these:
Kentucky State Police Crown Victoria

It's no secret the Crown Victoria has been the go-to car for state and local police departments for many years.  And it's the standard model for taxi cabs.  Instead, Ford will offer the Ford Taurus as a Police Interceptor.  Eh, I don't think it's as threatening.

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