FINALLY!  We are free at last! Free at last!  Last night on American Idol, Lazaro, whom has been struggling for weeks, received the lowest number of votes and was voted off the Idol stage.  For WBKR's Idol expert Steve Thompson, it was a long time coming and now the best five singers in the competition are left to battle it out!

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From Steve Thompson:

For those of you who have followed these reviews ever since I used to post them on MySpace, it's time for my yearly Edgar Allan Poe reference.

Thank Heavens the crisis,
The danger has passed.
And the fever called Lazaro
Has ended at last!

America finally got it right.  It took 9 million more votes this week and evidently every vote went to Amber.  I still was afraid we were going to be stuck with him one more week-- but America woke up and smelled the cappuccino.

Next weeks themes are Divas and Songs from Your Birth Year.

For the first time ever we have five females left in the competition and nary a male in sight.   Even with all the consternation over the lack of quality singers among the guys, this may be the strongest final five in the history of this program.

But you might ask: "What will they do on that extra week?"

Good question.  My theory is that there will be a "surprise" where no one will be voted off and FOX will still get to end the show on time.  I'm not saying that for this week-- but it would be a nice change of pace, say, to have two weeks of a final four or a final three...  Just a thought.

Now the competition truly begins.

American Idol airs weekly on WEVV Fox 44.

@April 11, 2013  Stephen W Thompson