Lee Ann Womack has a brand new gig and it promises to make you HUNGRY!  I was watching TV Sunday night and caught a glimpse of Lee Ann's brand new commercial for Zaxby's.  Yep!  The woman who soared to the top of the charts with " I Hope You Dance" has teamed with the fast food gaint to promote their Roadhouse Zalad and the return of their sinful Birthday Cake Milkshake.  Check out Lee Ann's commercial for the shake.  It's FULL of shakes and they look SO GOOD!!

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And Lee Ann isn't just talking about Zaxby's awesome new shake.  She's also encouraging you to eat healthy too . . . with Zaxby's Roadhouse Zalad.  How good does THIS look?

The Roadhouse Zalad features grilled chicken, fire-roasted corn, black beans, sweet peppers, crispy potato sticks, two different kinds of cheeses and a bed of lettuce.  Personally, I think that looks awesome and Lee Ann has made me REALLY hungry!

For more information about Zaxby's and to check out their full menu, CLICK HERE

Zaxby's . . . indescribably good for over 20 years!