I think of fall when I think of Gatlinburg. Others think of the holiday season. Does anyone think of January as a good time to visit?

I always wonder how many people have vacation plans of any kind in the month of January. And I think that because, for me, this is the month to WIND DOWN from the whirlwind of the final quarter which is full to bursting with any number of things to do.

But maybe the rates are low right now. Seems like they should be. And with Gatlinburg's Skylift Park up and running, it might not be a bad time to take advantage of low crowds and beautiful scenery.

I mean, that is GORGEOUS. Of course, with my slight fear of heights, I'm not sure how much fun it would be walking across it gripping onto the railing for dear life. I certainly wouldn't be who they'd want on a brochure.

"Come to Gatlinburg for the BEST in white knuckling."

Nope, that doesn't work.

Or maybe you'll go to Gatlinburg and become THIS guy:

So that's a slack line. Never heard of it. And it doesn't matter, because I'll never do anything that REMOTELY resembles what this man is doing.

Anyway, if you're already making plans, have a safe trip and take lots of pictures. Especially if you do that slack line thing.

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