Yesterday, I flew home from New York City after spending the weekend there.  As my plane was about to take off from Laguardia, I reached down into my seat pocket and pulled out the June copy of American Way, American Airlines' monthly magazine.  As I was flipping through the pages, I was quite surprised to see a very familiar face!


Yep!  That's Matt Castlen.  The June issue of American Way had a special "spotlight" on Kentucky which featured a state tour, a look at "My Kentucky" and a profile of various "trailblazers" from around the Commonwealth.  And Matt Castlen had a full-page ad in the Kentucky section.

It was so cool.  I typically thumb through those magazines at the speed of light, but, obviously, this one caught me by surprise.

Matt Castlen is, of course, owner of Castlen Steel.  He also represents the 14th District in the Kentucky House of Representatives and is currently seeking a State Senate seat.

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