Did you know that you can visit England, Scotland and France without ever leaving the Commonwealth of Kentucky?  Well, you can.  And, as the West family from McLean County recently proved, you won't even need a passport or a travel visa to do it.

My friend Crystal West and her family just embarked on an absolutely inspired adventure around some of Kentucky's most "exotic" and "foreign" destinations.

Here are some of the photos from their trip.  First up, a trip to London.

Crystal West
Crystal West

In addition to visiting London (Kentucky), the family decided to get a taste of "Scotland" too.  So, they stopped in Glasgow.

Crystal West
Crystal West

They also got a little taste of the Eiffel Tower and didn't have to fly to France to do it.  They just made a stop in Paris, Kentucky instead.

Crystal West
Crystal West

I think this summer road trip idea is absolutely inspired.

Here's how Crystal described the "international" adventure.

We dined in Glasgow, not Scotland.
We swam in London, not England.
We shopped in Paris, not France.
We explored the Bluegrass State last week, our beautiful Commonwealth.
We didn’t eat haggis, swim in the Thames, or shop on the Champs-Élysées, and that’s okay because we were welcomed everywhere we went by everyone we met.
Bonjour Y’all!
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I chatted with Crystal about the inspiration behind this year's summer vacation.  She said that when it came time to plan the summer fun, they didn't really know what traveling was going to look like given the fact that COVID-19 travel restrictions are still in place in so many parts of the world.  But, she knew that they could "find plenty of fun in our own backyard."
As you know, Kentucky is home to a whopping 120 counties.  The Wests have visited 76 of them so far and counting.  And the best part?  "You can spend next to nothing by packing a lunch and making (the destinations) a day trip."
Crystal's family, specifically her children, love to travel.  And, because she believes it's vitally important for them to see EVERYTHING she can show them. this is the perfect recipe for summer adventure.  Crystal says, "I hope it leads them to want to see everything I can't."
Well, heck!  I think they're well on their way.  They can already cross London, Paris and Glasgow off the bucket list.
To hear some more fun road trip ideas from Crystal, check out her interview from today's morning show here on WBKR!

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